Weak minds enslave themselves

A facebook page focusing on how immigrants and refugees ruin their country publishes a story. A story about two young asylum seekers who rape and humiliate three girls after getting them drunk. Hundreds of self-righteous people comment on the facebook page and express their fury and disgust over this and of course how this shows that asylum seekers are dangerous trash we never should allow inside our western societies (which are civilized, decent and normal, as they imply that they are).

A facebook page made by so called feminists in the very same country publishes a story about how two white young men rapes an underage girl. Hundreds of angry keyboard heroines explain how the white patriarchy is the root of all evil and how white young men in particular rape women.

A third facebook page talks about how a recent legislation  increase secularity which they connect with the alarming rate of increased sexual violence in the country. Hundreds of upset hypocrites lie in the comments about how they are disgusted by all kinds of sexuality outside marriage and how secularism is ruining the morality of the country.

Every group despises the people in the other groups. This is ironic, because they are all doing the exact same thing; tailoring the propaganda to their own taste and willingly getting themselves brainwashed in their little bubbles of shocking gossip and shared values. They are also alike in the sense that not one of them actually contribute in any real way to the comfort brought to them by their industrialized country.

Facebook does not care about that. Facebook loves all of them, because facebook is continuing to make nice money from advertisement and affiliate revenues from this kind of media.

Even Google tailors the world to your taste now, it is the modern thing to do. Unless you search with specific parameters that shield you from bias, the search results reflect what Google thinks you want to read, not what you should read. But I am sure that we all have picked up on this by now. However, since internet connect the whole world nowadays, and the algorithms keep getting smarter and more subtle, this pestilence do spread fast across the continents.

The less friendly people in, the pitiless and ambitious guys don’t complain when people are willingly drowning in trivia or deluding themselves with superstition and made-up enemies instead of having the courage to face the real problems in their societies. Populists for example, would go extinct if they couldn´t blame all problems on someone else, since they have no freaking idea on how to actually fix anything.

There have always been opium, gladiators and hundreds of other dirty addicitions for the people to distract and enslave themselves with, whenever their minds weaken. There have always been drugs, sects and charismatic leaders exploiting the less educated. Social media bubbles is just the latest trend, similar to an opium and a sect at the same time. The problem lies not in the drugs really, but in the users – and the circumstances who made them users. Some people are weak minded because they failed to rise above difficult circumstances. These people could need help from society in order to easen their burden. Some people become stupid because they are cowards. Some because they are selfish and always choose the easiest way at hand. Whatever the reason, they are chaining each other with fear, stupidity and biased social norms.

The weak minded always find ways to enslave themselves. It is so much easier to be a victim or kick downward than to be a  fighter or questioning those above you. But at the same time the narrow minded and the cowards who choose to live like that always suffer. Especially those who have succumbed to an addiction of any kind. Drugs, or even rage and cruelty, can only make you high for a while. All the haters, the cowards, the lazy and the stupid regularly feel envy, discontent and fear, while the champions struggle with heavier tasks, but at the same time live more. And their eventual triumphs are real.

Finally I would like to share this video with you. It deals with concepts important to know about for those who wish to live as champions. It may also mention some of my role models within the realm of martial arts and philosophy.  Disclaimer: MindSmash is not me.

Summing up

Every person have the opportunity to try and break the shackles of his or her mind. What is at stake for you personally? I can’t tell you. I don’t know you. But at the very least the way you live your life.

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