Step one to saving time

Are you a high achiever? Do you wish you had more time on your hands? Well either way, read on!

You can save time in one, simple step. Just read the following sentence and adapt this principle.

Do  not overcommit.

Let that sink in.

Leave some extra time and space for yourself. Avoid to take on more than you must when you are busy. Put off extra work that you can’t handle efficiently right now.

When you are thinking of starting a new activity, ask yourself; “Do I really have time for this right now?” and “Could I instead focus more effort on ongoing projects first?”

When someone is pressuring you to take on more work, refuse.

An effective way to refusing, (which should be used sparsely in office situations) is to literally say no, take a micro paus and then follow up with your motivation. Simple as that. E.g.

– Can you summarise the report for us by friday?

– No. I am going to wake up late this friday, since I need to recover some sleep.

If they insist after that reply, just shake your head until they go away.


Jesper Lindholm

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