Seven lessons

Your personal life is a great teacher. Today I want to share with you some of my personal insights. I have not always had the courage to follow my own advice, but we grow stronger every day. The following seven statements are based on my own life experience.

What would 7 insights from your life be?

Lesson 1

Your mind is not always a happy place. The outside world is not always a happy place either. Accept it and move on.


Lesson 2

You are not pushing your limits if you never fail. The real failure is giving up. Don’t be a quitter, be a hitter! (Insert cheesy cheering)


Lesson 3

Do not be afraid of being you. I didn’t ask to be born (at least not that I remember), but here I am. So are you.

Now I have survived this far anyway, so why should I let others tell me what to do with my life? There is nothing to gain from living up to other people´s expectations if you can’t do the things you like and improve on the things you need to improve on.


Lesson 4

Respect others, and they have no excuse left for not respecting you.


Lesson 5

Try to make honest impressions in the present. Consider, if you really impress someone once, you have to live up to it for the rest of your life or fail someone’s expectations.  


Lesson 6

There is no real defeat until every battle is lost. 

A soldier cannot be responsible for any lost battle if he kept fighting until the battle was over. The same is true for other struggles as well.

To keep fighting regardless of how the battle is going and what the outcome will be is an honorable thing to do when you are not in command. If it is not your call, you are blameless. As long as you hang on until the battle is over or there is nothing left worth fighting for, you are unbroken.


Lesson 7

Our inner journeys are always greater than our own ideas and ambitions.

So complex is the world.
So wonderful and terrible is the human soul.
Onto unknown paths I am hurled, doubtful is my goal.

But at the end of my road, I will stand in awe before my life.
I will gaze upon the vast horizons of my past, I will admire my strife.

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One Reply to “Seven lessons”

  1. Excellent piece as always! I particularly liked the humorous and poetic touch in this one, and the message really hit home too. Now I have a new favorite phrase for the day. “Don’t be a quitter, be a hitter.” XD

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