Empty the cup

Here is my question for you today: do you like tea?

I enjoy Rooibos tea. Mm.

In general though, I drink coffee. (With milk.) I drink coffee because I am a bad boy and that’s what gets me going. I only drink tea when I want to  cleanse my body, when I want to relax or when I am with a friend who also drinks tea.

Who needs to relax anyway? Who needs to cleanse the body when you have a stomach that can handle coffee? (With milk.)

Well, it turns out that everyone needs to unwind and clear stuff out every now and then. Even the mind.

If you pour tea into a friend’s tea cup it will fill up in a matter of seconds. Since you are a generous host however, you continue to pour tea into the cup. But the tea doesn’t go into the cup… It flows down into the saucer and spill out on the floor. Your mat gets soaked and your guest looks at you with a look of accusation.

What did you do wrong?

Obviously, you tried to give more tea to your friend before she had had a chance to finish her first cup. If you had been patient you could have refilled it later on. Now you just annoyed your friend and ruined your mat.

So what’s this tea business all about?

Ok, here is the deal: The cup is a mind and the tea are thoughts.

Take care not to let thoughts fill up to the point where there is no room left for new insights.

Empty the cup. Clear your mind before putting more stuff into it.  You should also let others do the same.


When you hear about a new piece of information, the thought will only scratch the surface at first. Your mind will soon forget it unless you
a) have an emotional connection to it
b) learn to understand the ideas behind it, or
c) put the knowledge into action.

When you put thought into action, your brain will integrate the knowledge into its fleshy circuits. Active memoirzation techniques may also help.

Drink your tea before it gets cold! Then you are ready for another cup whenever you want one. 

Prejudices and bad beliefs

To become prejudiced is like licking the tea bag; it’s gross and you won’t want any more tea after that. I think that is why some people have prejudices in the first place; they feel like they can’t take in anything more and instead of clearing their mind, they use a prejudice as an excuse to reject new thoughts.

If irrational, negative thoughts fill you up, you must wash out the bad stuff from your mind with healthy things for a while, before the mind can calm down and actually become receptive. For example, people who sturggle with a poor self image can think negatively about themselves one day although they felt so well yesterday. It takes some time to wash out the bad stuff. But it can be done.

More than just tea

Emptying the cup is not just about tea and thoughts. And the mind does not just store memories, it recreates them.

Hm, creation? We are getting close to a fundamental principle of our world here.

Artists know it. Inventors know it. Do  you know it?

Highlight the text to see the answer: There can be no creation, if there is no space to create in.


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