A rich mind pursues valuable abundance (a.k.a. wealth) in many forms: Knowledge, purpose, freedom, money, peace of mind, happiness etc.

Jesper standing with his hands in his pockets
Me when I was 20

Hi, I am Jesper Lindholm, the creator of  Rich Young Minds. Welcome to this about page!

I focus on two things primarily:

  1. I write about growing a rich mind.
  2. I collect information, links and data about young success.

My main goal with this site is to communicate value to others. In particular I want to reach out to motivated young people. However, every human has the potential to grow and learn. Most of the stuff I write about can be applied by anyone.

If you haven’t found your true purpose in life yet, don’t worry. This website may help you come up with ideas, but honestly, most people improvise a lot.

I am not claiming to always be happy and motivated. But I bet that you aren’t always happy either. If it was easy to reach unending motivation and happiness, everyone would do it! Besides, not all knowledge can be found unless you go through some hardships. A lot of wisdom comes from pain.

I don´t believe much in empty talk. I study science. I strongly advocate for an open mind, but I really do believe in reason as well. Both are necessary for personal growth.

You are not likely to find an article like“Five ways to unleash your spiritual powers” here, but that does not mean that I reject spirituality itself in any way. However if I don’t know why a process works, or if it works at all, I will not recommend it either.

More about me

I am a university student and an aspiring scientist. I study mainly bio sciences. I want to push limits, break limits and take part in the creation of things we could not dream of.

Among my interests are reading fiction, working out, chess, karate and occasionally poetry. All these occupations make up a great cover for my true identity – a guy in his early twenties, who have realized that life belongs to those who dare live it.

“An ever growing mind looking to enrich itself, is the foundation for success.”

Contact me here!

I also have a seriously silly nature. Feel free to contribute. I dare you!

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